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‘International Fiction’ finalists – Movievalley Bazzacinema
‘International Fiction’ finalists
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For the category ‘International Fiction’, here is the list of the finalists. It was particularly arduous to prepare this list, due to the high quality of the short films, the great number of contestants (above 1700) and the variety of genres and topics: therefore, we decided to give more space to the projects, and we selected a number of semi-finalists in addition, who will not be running for the prize but will be screened later on in a cinema of the city center. In the meantime, here are the finalists: you can watch their work with us on the 25th and 26th of March.


What the hell! – Sophie Galibert (France)

January Hymn – Katherine Canty (Ireland)

All I want – Venika Mitra (India)

Growth – Sil van der Woerd (Netherlands)

Death in a Day – Lin Wang – (China)

The wrong guy – Martin Sofiedal – (Norway)

Platform 13 – Camiel Zwart, Klaus Jürgens (Netherlands)

Stray Animals – Maju de Paiva (Brasil)

Drop – Yotam Knispel – (Israel)

Jimmy the Limo Driver – Brendan Hickey (USA)

Gorilla – Tibo Pinsard (France)

The system – Jan Groblinski (Poland)


This list includes very young directors, starting from the age of 16.

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